The goal of the project Zdravo! is effective activity in promotion of non-alcoholic habits and healthy lifestyles among the high school teenagers.

The reasons for implementation of this project are based on current research results, as well as on knowledge about experimenting of adolescents with alcohol, which indicates on importance of preventive action in this field. Project activities are intended for teenagers, their parents and the local and broad public.

During 2012, Zdravo! was instated in Krapina- Zagorje county in partnership with the County council of high school pedagogues. The model of work with the pupils which was developed in the project Zdravo! is based on the principles of peer education, which also promotes volunteering among young people. Pupils were involved in activities in the form of pedagogical and creative workshops. These activities involved 1st year students in 7 high schools and their peer educators.

Works which were created during creative workshops were displayed in school exhibitions and on a joined county exhibition. The exhibition was opened as a part of the final manifestation that took place in Zabok and was held during the Month of fight against drugs.

Project Zdravo! continues and upgrades activities during the next year.