Counselling centre DOM: Programs

1. Counselling

Counselling (socio-therapy) is directed towards attitudes and behaviour of the person that influence the success of solving everyday life situations. The objectives of the consultation are in the field of personal development, preservation of mental health. Through counselling assistance, the learning process based on insight is promoted, giving the user the ability to control himself, the willingness to self-help and the quality of work.

At DOM we conduct:

  • Individual counselling with children and adolescents
  • Counselling of parents/ families

Consultative meetings are held by the dynamics which the advisor recommended and agreed upon with the client (two or four times a month), for a specified period of time.

2. Group work

Group work allows the acquisition of new knowledge, skills and behaviours, sharing experiences, providing and obtaining support. Each workshop consists of a series of activities aimed at the overall development, through the effect on all components of the personality.

During the year, we organise the following programs of group work, which are implemented in the 12 workshop cycle:

  • Dizalica (my identity, relations with others and communication skills)
  • Slagalica (cooperation, non-violence and constructive conflict resolution)
  • Jačalica (healthy habits and a life free of addiction).

In addition to working with children and young people, we consider the possibility of involvement of parents in the group work significant. We organize a program for parents:

  • Parent circle (strengthening of parental skills, community and communication in the family), in a cycle of 10 workshops.

Group meetings last for 2 hours, two times a month.