About us

ljepota raznolikosti

The centre for education, counselling and personal development CEDAR was founded in May of 2010. The purpose of our activity is counselling, education and strengthening of individuals, families and groups with the goal of personal growth, improvement of life quality and active and responsible behaviour towards yourself and your environment.

In its activities, CEDAR is focused on realization of goals such as prevention of violence among children and adolescents and affirmation of values of non-violence and tolerance; children and human rights education; promotion of wholesome approach to health and acting towards prevention of addiction; promotion of ecological values.

In achieving its aims, CEDAR is guided by general principles of humanity, tolerance, solidarity and non-violence.

Our works covers counselling, education, offering of psycho- social support, implementation of creative and artistic activities, publishing and informational activity.

CEDAR operates on the territory of Republic of Croatia.

Organization of the centre

Membership in CEDAR is individual. Members are attendants and graduates of Integrative gestalt counselling, as well as experts in humanistic and social field. CEDAR currently has 20 members.

The highest governing body is the Assembly of the Association, consisting of all the members of CEDAR. Executive body is the Management Board with 7 members and the Supervisory Board active as well.

CEDAR is represented by the President, which deals in executive and other matters. Alongside the President, CEDAR also has 3 Vice Presidents.